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Image Pen cai Bundle 2023 [Set A] 年年有余素盆菜配套
Image Veggie Sashimi Salmon 九鼎华-素鲑鱼生鱼片 220gramsImage Pineapple Tart Pineapple tarts 黄梨达 350gramsImage Vegetarian Fried Meat Fiber 善缘-肉松 300gramsImage Golden Mushroom Meat 益达兴-金茹肉 200gramsImage Yu sheng biscuit Poh Choi Nai You Bing 奶油饼 50 gramsImage Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce 万家香-香菇蚝油 300 gramsImage Ahimsa Chili Padi Sauce 麦之素 - 山椒酱 500mlImage Qi Xiang Vegetarian Spare Ribs 奇乡-素美味排骨 180gramsImage Prosperity Yu Sheng 善缘 - 发财鱼生 (中盒) 1Box 600gramsImage Hot and Spicy Crispy Oyster Mushroom 小熊鲍鱼菇(香辣) 450gramsImage Vegetarian Pearl Abalone 奇乡 -素食珍珠鲍 250gramsImage Qi Xiang Vegetarian Fish Balls yu hua 奇乡-素鱼滑 200 gramsImage Qi Xiang Friendly Vegetarian Abundance Pen Cai 素食年年有余盆菜Image Qi Xiang Vegetarian Goose Sausages 素儿肠 180 gramsImage Qi Xiang Vegetarian Pork Tripe 素肚爽 素朱肚 180 gramsImage Qi Xiang Vegetarian fresh delicacy 我你她-素三鲜 180 gramsImage TD Mini Roll 天德(善缘)素虾米卷 350grams
Lacto Vegetarian

Pen cai Bundle 2023 [Set A] 年年有余素盆菜配套

Abundance Pen Cai 年年有余素盆菜 1.25kgSalmon Sashimi ...

  • 6325 grams | Stock : 0 pcs

S$ 138.24

Out of Stock
Image Miso Paste with Kelp Sprouts ambient bundle 十全 - 原味味噌 500 grams 多绿海带芽 130 grams
Image Vegetarian Miso 十全 - 原味味噌 500 gramsImage Seaweed Kelp Sprout 佳欣 - 优鲜一族 多绿海带芽 130 grams 海帶芽