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Delivery is ongoing but delivery timing will be subjected to changes. To avoid contact, we will call you after the drop off at your premises.

About Us

Nutritious yet delicious - welcome to Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier!


Yes, you've made it to our new website. Thank you for checking us out! From website 1, we are pleased to introduce our website 5.0. Same name, but cooler and better!


Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier has been operating as a vegetarian food retailer in Singapore since 1988. Apart from our retailer shops, we do delivery to wet markets, restaurants, caterers, hawker stalls, temples and even schools. We provide a wide variety of frozen food goods from our soy protein range to mushroom range.


Recently, we had opened up our markets and have trading with Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. At Friendly Vegetarian, you are promised prompt delivery, services and competitive prices whether you are a home consumer or a caterer. So feel free to check out our product catalogue!

Our website is secured and isn't collecting customer credit card information.

Friendly Vegetarian mobile app is on the way, so stay tuned and look forward to a more convenient, and much easier food shopping at your fingertips!