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Veg Soyskin 黄豆类

Braised Dried Bean Curd 善缘 - 卤豆干250grams


$ 4.07 (250grams)

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Vege Crispy Soya 善缘 - 素切干鹅片 360grams


$ 5.89 (360 grams)

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Soybean Ring Roll 香铃卷

Ring Roll 香玲卷   

$ 3.75 (180 grams)

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Wonder Bean Soybean Roll 万里香 - 香铃卷 (14 pieces...

Product for steamboat, just a 3 seconds dip. Fried tau Kee, Fr...

$ 3.75 (180 grams)

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Salted Fish Beancurd Skin 善缘 - 豆支咸鱼 100grams

Made of Beancurd skin. Made IN Malaysia.由豆腐皮制成。 ...

$ 1.93 (100grams)

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Braid Ham 东南州扎腿

Good, tasty heat up to serve as vegetarian 腊肠

$ 8.56 (450 grams)

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TeoChew Dumpling 麦之素 - 潮州卖 1000grams

Eggless. Vegetarian From KL, Malaysia

$ 11.24 (1000 grams)

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