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Delivery is ongoing but delivery timing will be subjected to changes. To avoid contact, we will call you after the drop off at your premises.

Long Home 龙宏

Olive Vegetable 龙宏橄榄菜拌酱(纯素) 280grams


$ 5.35 (280grams)

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LH Bamboo Shoots 龍宏 - 香筍 400grams


$ 4.82 (400 grams)

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Spicy Pickled Cabbage 龍宏香辣高麗菜 香辣高丽...

can be eaten straight from can, steamboat, stirfry. NO preserv...

$ 5.89 (410 grams)

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Red Yeast Beancurd 龙宏 - 红鞠豆腐乳 280grams


$ 4.28 (280 grams)

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Korean Kimchi 龙宏 - 韩式泡菜 400grams


$ 5.89 (400grams)

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