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Seaweed Flakes 三味屋 - 味付海苔细片 120grams


采用上选新摘海苔,幼嫩鲜甜。全程“纯素”之 自动化生产,绝佳的调味及精致烘烤。营养,轻松,无负担 !! Use the new pick seaweed, young and sweet. Automated production of “vegan”, excellent seasoning and exquisite baking. Nutrition, easy, no burden!!


海苔,非基因改造酱油,糖,麦芽糖,香菇水,甜味剂D-70%,海藻汤,味醂,食盐,香菇精粉,L-麸酸钠。氨基乙酸,琥珀酸二钠,琥珀酸,DL-苹果酸钠,L-天门冬酸钠,5‘-次黄嘌呤核磷酸二钠,5’-鸟嘌呤核磷酸二钠,柠檬酸,甜味剂甘草萃,大豆卵磷酸二钠,柠檬酸,甜味剂甘草萃,大豆卵磷脂,辣椒精。   Seaweed, non-genetically modified soy sauce, sugar, maltose, mushroom water, sweetener d-70%, seaweed soup, miso, salt, mushroom powder, L-glutamate. Glycine, disodium succinate, succinic acid, DL- - sodium malate, sodium L-aspartate, 5'-hypoxanthine disodium phosphate, 5'-guanine nuclear disodium, citric acid, sweet Flavor liquorice extract, soy egg sodium phosphate, citric acid, sweetener liquorice extract, soy lecithin, capsicum.

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