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Veg Squid 全家福 - 白不辣 (墨鱼卷) 900grams





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Vietnam Spring Roll 更加好 - 越南春卷 (10 pieces) ...


$ 3.42 (330 grams)

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Vegetarian Asam Fish 无上-素食素阿參鱼 300grams

Heat up the vacuum pack for a hearty meal

$ 4.07 (300 grams)

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Mushroom Lean Meat 素仙子 - 什么肉 200grams

食用方法: 1)煮咖喱(干炒,煮湿均佳) 2)炒菜,煮...

$ 2.78 (200grams)

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MALZ Drink 6 Bottles 天然黑麦汁 (玻璃) 1980 grams

0% Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage with Caramel. Buy pack of 6 can...

$ 12.84 (1980 grams)

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