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Koikeya Potato Chips 湖池屋 - 海苔盐洋芋片 36grams


品尝过自然生长的海苔吗,胡池屋就是可以将原味重现。自然香,无腥味的海苔,又带有盐的口感,让你仿佛身处实境。Have you tasted the naturally grown seaweed, Hu Huwu can reproduce the original taste. Naturally fragrant, non-scented seaweed, with a salty taste, makes you feel like you are in the real world.


马铃薯,棕榈油,海苔,盐,调味剂,辣椒粉 Potato, palm oil, seaweed, salt, flavoring, paprika

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