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Hong Yuan Traditional Tasty (Ori) BBQ Meat 鸿缘-原味素肉干220grams


即食食品,也适合夹面包。开封后请冷藏。 Ready-to-eat foods are also suitable for sandwiching bread. Please refrigerate after opening.


Filtered Water,Soya Bean Protein,Sugar,Palm Oil,D-Sorbitol Solution,Dextrose,Mushroom Stalk,Corn Starch,Soy Protein Isolate,Pea Protein,Potato Starch,Wheat Gluten,Monosodium L-Glutamate,Sodium5'-Inosinate,Sodium 5'-Guanylate,Salt,Xanthan Gum,Guar Bean Gum,White Pepper Powder,Vegetarian Meat Flavour,Yeast Extract,Anka Red,Sucralose 过滤水,大豆蛋白,糖,棕榈油,D-山梨醇溶液,葡萄糖,蘑菇茎,玉米淀粉,大豆分离蛋白,豌豆蛋白,马铃薯淀粉,小麦面筋,L-谷氨酸钠,5'-肌苷酸钠,钠5 ' - 香兰素,盐,黄原胶,瓜尔豆胶,白胡椒粉,素食肉味,酵母提取物,红鞠色素,三氯蔗糖

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