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  • Image (BUNDLE)Sincerely Shao Bao Set of 5 佛心-4粒素烧包 X 5

(BUNDLE)Sincerely Shao Bao Set of 5 佛心-4粒素烧包 X 5

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S$ 19.08

Product Info
Product Weight

Product Weight

1600 grams
Frozen Product

Frozen Product

Goods are in frozen condition

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Available stock : 25


【BUNDLE】Sincerely Shao bao 佛心-4粒素烧包 X 5

online promo buy 4 pack get 1 FREE.

total of 20 pieces

Health & Benefit

  1. Sold frozen and heat up for extra crunchiness. Sold Vegan.
  2. Easy to heat up using home oven, air fryer. business owners please enquire with us



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