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  • Image Qi Xiang Vegetarian Prosperity Pen Cai 素食鲍参刺肚盆菜
Lacto Vegetarian

Qi Xiang Vegetarian Prosperity Pen Cai 素食鲍参刺肚盆菜

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Product Info
Product Weight

Product Weight

1250 grams
Frozen Product

Frozen Product

Goods are in frozen condition

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sold Frozen. Good for 4 - 6 pax

Health & Benefit

  1. Sold Frozen, Easy to prepare. Just Heat up over stove Or Steam it.
  2. You can add some stock or boiling water to the PEN CAI if you desire it to be more savoury. Cheers. Eat Hearty.
  3. Free up your time when you are so busy during frstive season. you can keep the pen cai in your freezer and thaw it overnight the night before. you can heat up over stove for 20 minutes to be ready.



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