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  • Image Japanese Croquettes 日本玉米薯饼 1000 grams
  • Image Japanese Croquettes 日本玉米薯饼 1000 grams
Lacto Vegetarian

Japanese Croquettes 日本玉米薯饼 1000 grams

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Product Info
Product Weight

Product Weight

1000 grams
Frozen Product

Frozen Product

Goods are in frozen condition
Guarantee Freshness

Guarantee Freshness

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About 30 grams per piece.



Health & Benefit

  1. you can airfry about 10 pieces at 180 degrees for 8 minutes
  2. best served with vegan mayo or chili sauce or ketucup.
  3. airfryer friendly, please airfry or deep fry from frozen


Water, Potato, Corn (NON-GMO), Potato Flour, Vege Seasoning Agent (Acetylated Distract Adipate, Sorbitol, Starch Acetate, Monosodium L-Glutamate, DI-Alanine, Sodium5'- Insoinate + Sodium 5 Gaunylate, Disodium Succinate), Cane Sugar, Skim Milk Powder, Soybean Fiber, Vegetable Hydrolyzed Protein, Saltness Butter (Milk), Sea Balt, Flour (Wheat)(Gluten), Cabbage Extract


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