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KIKI NOODLES KIKI - 椒麻拌麵 (5pkt)450grams





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Tsuey-Yuh Slice 素之都 - 翠玉片 1000grams

Available in various sizes. 300g, 1kg,3kg

$ 6.42 (1000 grams)

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Weiyi Laver Ro Su 味一 - 素肉松 (学生包) 15g x 1...

Independent students pack, easy to travel, and go out to carry...

$ 7.49 (150grams)

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Lean Meat 道源-素瘦肉 500grams

Main ingredient: MushroomContains Egg.

$ 4.82 (500 grams)

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Crispy Seaweed 香酥海苔片(酱烧风味) 45grams


$ 3.21 (45 grams)

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