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Prince Noodle 味王 - 王子面 50grams


捏碎的脆面混合着熟悉的调味,让你回味最熟悉的快乐童年滋味。The crunchy crispy face mixes with the familiar seasoning, allowing you to relive the most familiar happy childhood.


面粉,棕榈油,树薯粉,麦芽糖糊精,食盐,芝麻油,酱油,品质改良剂,焦磷酸钠,调味剂,关华豆胶,膨胀剂,植物性蛋白,抗氧化剂Flour, palm oil, tapioca, maltodextrin, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, quality improver, sodium pyrophosphate, flavoring agent, Guanhua bean gum, bulking agent, vegetable protein, antioxidant

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