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Mushroom Noodles 百福 - 香菇面线 300grams


百福全素香菇麵線糊主要原料為香菇和麵線,精選台灣本產香菇來調味,湯頭能嘗到淡淡香菇香氣,而麵線則是使用小麥粉、食鹽、水,遵循古法以傳統炊仔麵線工法製作,經曬乾、蒸製,且過程皆不含人工色素、味素及防腐劑,才能成就這台灣獨有的紅麵線。經過蒸煮過的紅麵線有一股淡淡的麵線香味, 特色是久煮不爛、百吃不膩 ,喜歡吃麵線糊的朋友千萬別錯過。The main raw materials of Baifu vegan mushroom noodle paste are shiitake mushrooms and noodles. The selection of Taiwanese shiitake mushrooms is used for seasoning. The soup head can taste the faint mushroom aroma, while the noodle line uses wheat flour, salt and water. The noodle line method is made, dried, steamed, and the process does not contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, in order to achieve this unique red line in Taiwan. The steamed red noodle has a faint facial scent. The characteristic is that it is not bad for a long time, and it is not too greasy. Don't miss the friend who likes to eat pasta.


小麥粉、食鹽、水,調味包成分:香菇、冰糖、食鹽、胡椒、脫水蔬菜、薑油Wheat flour, salt, water, seasoning package ingredients: mushrooms, rock sugar, salt, pepper, dehydrated vegetables, ginger oil

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