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Nori Fibrous Shredded 素妈妈 - 海苔素肉松 250grams


This product contains soy, wheat, sesame, allergic should be avoided.本产品还有大豆,小麦,芝麻,过敏者应避免使用。


Non-genetically modified soy protein isolate, non-genetically modified defatted soy flour, corn starch, wheat protein, sugar, pea flour, soy salad oil, soy sauce, wheat fiber, salt, sesame, seaweed licorice powder, yeast extract, osmanthus powder, spices非基因改造大豆分离蛋白,非基因改造脱脂豆粉,玉米淀粉,小麦蛋白,砂糖,豌豆粉,大豆沙拉油,酱油,小麦纤维,盐,芝麻,海苔甘草粉,酵母抽取物,玉桂粉,香料

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